Ash used to be a sailor, sailing the seven seas in search of Godzilla. Now she works for a mouse, making cartoons for TV.

Why doesn’t the comic update often?

Sadly, there is no money in making comics, and eating is a necessity to live. A mouse pays me money to draw cartoons that buys me sandwiches. Drawing the cartoons becomes a priority and the comic gets sidelined. The thing about passion projects, though, is that I will always come back to it (unless I die, which...I cannot help).

What do you use to draw your comics?

Clip Studio Paint EX and a Wacom Cintiq Companion. I am a huge fan of Frenden’s brushes.

Do you have advice for developing artists?

Yes, right here.

Where did you get the inspiration for Kilo Monster?

My love of beastly reptiles? I was influenced by movies like Jurassic Park, Dragonheart, and Godzilla as kid. I sympathized a lot with the creatures, and the beta versions of Kilo Monster were a reflection of that. Toss in a bit of love for professional wrestling, a dash of superheroes like the Hulk and Venom, and a hint of Beauty and the Beast tales, and you something kinda resembling Kilo Monster in the end.

Oh wait! Add a hat and suspenders too for good measure..

Do you do commissions?

Not currently. Work is restricted to serious freelancing and full-time studio work.

What do donations go toward?

Web hosting, domain fees, livestreaming channel, and properly compensating other artists to help with the comic.

Is Jaymi supposed to look like a guy?

Jaymi is supposed to look like Jaymi.

Are Kilo and Todd a thing?

Kilo and Todd are many things.

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